Stiff and Kitsch, winners of the 2018 WeGotTickets Musical Comedy Awards, are the multi-award winning comedy paring of Sally O’Leary and Rhiannon Neads. You may recognise them as the girls trying to flog you Kinder Bueno and failing to be adults. 

Stiff and Kitsch were formed on an unemployed whim in 2016 after graduating from LAMDA. The safe pair of hands which is MD James Taylor (not that one), who luckily came complete with his own keyboard, completed the gang.

Their critically acclaimed show Adele Is Younger Than Us has sold out venues across the UK including Soho Theatre and The Pleasance in Edinburgh. Their first viral music video 'The Facebook Song' has been viewed over half a million times over several social media platforms.

They have spent the last two years writing and touring and are currently working on a number of projects together (in between eating cake, ignoring calls from Lloyds TSB and desperately trying to find a haircut which suits their face shape) 


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